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What happened to the Gibson Hendrix guitar?

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"What most people today do not realize, is that Jimi Hendrix was not about playing yesterdays favorites, whether it was his playing style, his songs, the way he dressed, etc. He was one of the most innovative guitarist ever, continually searching for new and better. I talked to Henry Goldrich who owned and ran Manny's about Jimi walking in virtually every week to check out new pedals, guitars, etc.


What Jimi played during his career is a fact. But what our product was about was not duplicating a guitar he played, but trying to design a guitar he would have loved today, that was true to his spirit of innovation.


The product we had designed had a set neck (not bolt-in) with many subtle improvements from the way the vibrola worked to the way the neck was shaped. There were three models designed with the high end model have our Robot Tuner technology and a Steinberger bridge.


We had actually worked on this for months and ran everything by the Hendrix Estate to make sure they were happy. Then, just as were were going to start production, the Estate saw rants on forums and an article regarding a guitar the writer had not actually seen in person, and the estate backed out.


We actually get many people calling us asking us where the instruments are because they wanted to buy one.


There are many players that change brands throughout their career. Carlos and Eric played SG's. Eddie became famous playing our Kramer brand.


I would not do something I am not proud of, and those guitars were great designs that were a tribute to a great innovator and player. Ultimately, it is you the customer that gets to decide, by either buying or not buying a product. I only wish we could have been allowed to let our customers make that decision.


Thanks for asking."


Henry J.

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".....I only wish we could have been allowed to let our customers make that decision.

Thanks for asking."


The obvious follow-up question is obvious......


"Why not release the Guitar anyway, under it's own non-Hendrix-tie-in name? Then let the buyers decide it's worth?"


The answer is alss clear.....because few want to buy it.

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