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Who is "Winter" Guitars?


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* Basswood Body

* Flamed Maple Top

* Cream Binding

* Hard Canadian Maple Neck

* Trans Black Finish

* Beautiful Rosewood Fret Board

* Vintage Style Floating Tremolo

* Chrome Diecast Tuners

* Off Set Dot Inlays

* 24 frets

* 1H 2S pickups

* 1 volume 1 tone 5way switch

* Chrome Hardware

* Factory Second


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Originally posted by bgmacaw

Their "WH-702" is interesting.

There's a lot of basswood mentioned on the site. Light weight but how will that be tone wise on non-Stratoids?

Who's selling them outside of EBay sellers?



Well, there is another ebay seller who is selling them, but they won't show up in the search because he doesn't mention the brand. This is how I found these guitars, he does show the headstock in the photos, and he apparently only sells B-stock/factory seconds.


The guitar shown above has two days left and is still at $.99, shipping is $27 I believe it was.


I may give them a try, don't have much too lose. The company appears to be very new, some of you may have noticed the acoustic section of their website isn't even setup yet.


If I grab one, I'll come back and give a review of sort, perhaps a sound clip or two

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i dont know why there is that price on them but mine was on consighnment at a guitar shop and i got it for 300. it is a flame maple green eletric guitar. it is a killer gutiar. the guy said every one that came in the shop would pick that one up love it and then buy a cheap ibenez. it wa sthere for 2 years and i finaly said what the heck ill get it. all my guitar friends like ti and say if it had the ibenez name on it it would be a 1200 guitar. the wood is beautifull and it has mother of peral inlays on the neck that are also very nice. you could not get this guitar from me at any price.


take a look but the pic and descriptions are not doing them justice. i only have one problem with mine and it is minor and home repaird. one pickup would squeal when close to a mic. i just soaked it in hot wax wiped it down and put it back on the guitar works fine :).

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