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Mojo Needed..Fellow HCer is hurting.


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I'm sure Kevman will chime in here soon, but here's an update from this weekend. Kev, Dustball, and I were supposed to go to the NJ Ampfest together. At th last minute Dustball had to cancel because........wait for it

He had a date with some hotties!!!

Kev and I agreed that the ONLY reason to miss the ampfest was for some trim, so we went without him. Well, hot damm, that sure sounds like good news to me.!

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Thanks Shamdog,

Tis true. Dustball is doing very well. Doctor said yesterday that all of his levels looked great and that he didnt need to see Dustin again until week after next!. Nice.

Oh yeah and he had a Tie Dye date with a girl he likes on Sun. I think he would have enjoyed ampfest but not more than what he ended up doing.

Friday we went to see the Allman Brothers and it was a rainy slopfest. Good thing the boys ripped it up. It's almost not fair that Trucks & Haynes are in the same band. Un friggin real.

I get lazy when things are going well with the boy as far as posting goes. I have some catching up to do on my HCEG reading. I also have to ship out the SmellyCaster to the raffle winner. It's on it's way this weekend.

Hope to only bring you guys more positive updates here moving forward!


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