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Anyone have experience with the Ibanez Artcore AF55 ?


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Hi, guys, :)


I'm looking at midrange-to-cheapish jazz-boxes for traditional jazz comp'ing, and I saw this guitar at a webshop, but there are no reviews of this anywhere and no reference to it on the american Ibanez webpage. :confused:




Anyone here know anything about it?


Any other recommendations for good, lowpriced jazzboxes? I've been looking at the Godin 5th avenue Kingpin, the Ibanez AK95 and AGR70 and the Hoffner HCT-J17.


How big of a difference does an all-wood bridge vs. a metal bridge make?


Full body depth and width (Ibanez AK and AF) vs shallower and slimmer body width (Ibanez AG or AFS/AGR)?

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