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Guitarists with glasses

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Waddy Wachtel, who I know of from playing with Stevie Nicks.



Waddy is one of my fave LP slingers - very soulful. He played with Linda Rondstadt and Warren Zevon too (I think Waddy did most of the electric guitar parts on Excitable Boy and on some of Ronstadt's most successful albums)...






...ME too

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Brian Krashpad



Oh my!


You're too kind to include me with all these famous people! Who are actual, real guitarists.


I've sorta decided that the specs are part of the "Krashpad" persona, and if I ever get around to a new prescription, I'll hafta get a new pair of the same thing.


Mrs. Krashpad was not pleased to hear this. She hates the Clark Kents. Although I suppose they're technically "shades," since tinted, they are prescription.



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