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Aug Spam Thread - Hazy lazy days of getting new gear!!


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This is a ONE OWNER RG-550WH guitar in the original case, serial number dates it to 1990 in all original condition!



get your SHRED ON and rawk with this guitar! EX+++ condition late 80s/eearly 90s Ibanez RG-550s are pretty rare these days -- most have been heavily played or modded. This one is in amazing original condition!


I took it in trade from a friend of mine who bought this new in 1991, played it for a short time, then put it away.


The white finish has slightly faded to a darker cream color -- there is NO damage to the finish, and not even any neck cracks in the finish, which is really rare. Only a tiny bit of slight finish wear on the back below the trem cover, and a few very small paint chips on the bottom edge of the body, where it was probably placed in a stand.


All the hardware is minty fresh - no rust on the screws, the original Edge trem is super clean with no wear or damage to the finish, pickups and electronics are 100% original.


Neck is in fantastic condition, no dings or cracks anywhere, original Gotoh tuners, frets are 95% like new, still shiny and beautiful, neck finish is very clean, with only MINOR darkening of the finish on the fretboard from playing. Headstock finish is perfect, no dings on headstock, and none of the usual cracks by the Floyd nut screws.


This guitar is one of the best playing and sounding RG-550s I have ever seen. I owned a couple of these in 87/88, then switched over to JEMs and played the JEM guitars for years well into the mid 90s.


I am really tempted to put some Dimarzio pickups in this guitar and ROCK IT at my gigs and play the heck out of it. There are very few "superstrat" guitars of this quality available under a grand ANYWHERE anymore.


The RG-550WH is a fairly rare color compared to the others, and the condition of this guitar makes it exceptional.


The price is $649 shipped and paypalled in the USA -- with shipping and paypal fees, that means I am going to clear about $590 at best.


Yes, this is more expensive than the bulk of early era RG550 guitars that sell at $500 or so.....but I have only seen a handful around that are THIS CLEAN and original. As much of a JEM snob as I am, this RG-550 has opened my eyes to just how good these early MIJ Ibanez models truly were -- and the RG-550 is the closest guitar to a JEM I have ever played. The maple neck is just exceptional, a tad bit thinner than the JEM 777, but I really like it -- even more than I liked my first RG-550s back in 87/88.



If you are seeking what could possibly one of the cleanest, most original, and fine playing and sounding RG-550WH guitars available for sale, PM me -- paypal is best, and I will also ship it INTERNATIONALLY, with shipping costs to be determined depending on what country you are in, usually about $125 on average.
























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FS/FT 2010 PRS Mira Limited. One of 50 made, has same specs as the normal Mira, but has a color-matched Santana shaped headstock =) Very nice guitar =) Have original case and eagle hang tag. Color is Frozen Blue Metallic. $1300. Will consider trades for a Tele deluxe, PRS McCarty (beaters ok), Gibson LP (no studio's please), Knopfler strat, Mesa Lonestar (blue with silver grille), PRS SAS or 305, Ibanez RG550/570/3120/3170/JCustom/Prestige Neck through. I can accept guitars + cash, or trade my baby + cash for the right deal =) Pics coming soon =)

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Squier Modified Jazz Bass for sale. In amazing condition, just a little scrape on the headstock. Hate to sell it, but I just don't play it as often as I should... Sounds great, plays even better. Asking $200, will upload more pictures tomorrow. Feel free to ask any questions you have about it



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Ok, here I bring some stuff to sell/trade... Most Guitar Related


Mesa/Boogie Recto-Verb 50 Solo Head Series 2- TRADE FEELER

Click here for the FT Thread!





AGILE Hornet Pro 725- TRADE (could sell for the right OFFER)

Click here for the FT Thread!





Winged C, Svetlana and JJ Tubes!- $$$

Click Here for the FS/FT Thread!






Panasonic Lumix FS15- $100 Shipped/PP'd - O.B.O.

Click Here for the FS Thread!





Humbucker Rings- 1x= $2, 2x= $3, 4x= $4

Click Here for the FS Thread!





Seymour Duncan Humbucker- $$$

Will create the ad for this later today....



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$550 plus shipping.


The guitar is in really nice shape for it's age...few dings here and there, but no stress cracks around the neck joint that are really common on these. The only thing not stock on this are the knobs. I am only the second owner of this guitar and bought it back in 91 I think.


Gorgeous, rare color...but the new Les Paul Tribute has really caught my eye.

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I know I am going to regret this but I am gassing really hard for another guitar so here comes the sale.


Fulltone '70 BC-108......SOLD


Catalinbread Ottava Magus II........$130 (I thought I would never do this. This thing is brand new and is no longer made. Best Octave Fuzz!)


Keeley Compressor (2-knob, it does have the other two inside)............SOLD


All prices are shipped and paypal (as always gift option is preferred but not necessary)




I'll get a pic of the '70 as soon as I can

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Fender USA Tele. Came with either enforcer, or atomic humbuckers which will be included. Modded with a BG Hellabucker in bridge, and a GFS MEan 90 in the neck. It has S switching which is like coiltapping the pup to get the single/twang sound. Comes with case candy and Fender molded hardshell case. $700 shipped




Blackstar HT-5 head w/matching 2x12 open back cab. You know about this already. I'd rather sell this one local as a pair. Grand Rapids, Mi area. $450


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Just bought this last month, finally a REAL fuzzbox for my board. Then my pal, after over a year of me harassing him, decides to let me buy his back up ZenDrive from him :love:

So reluctantly I need to move this out to get some cash in my pocket fast, so I am letting this go for a song (check the normal price for these) The germanium txistors are socketed, so you can experiment with putting different ones in if you are into it, both transistor & input bias controls for dialing in different sounds, on & off switch to preserve battery life, quality parts inside. Asking $120.00, includes PayPal & shipping to lower 48 only


also listed on ebay:







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1) Fender N3 Noiseless Pup (Bridge) - plenty of lead wire. Asking $70 if local pickup, or add $5 if shipping









2) Fender N3 Noiseless Pup (Middle) - plenty of lead wire. Asking $70 if local pickup, or add $5 if shipping









3) *NEW AND UNUSED* Quad of Svetlana EL34 PowerTubes. Rated at "moderate in terms of when they start to break up (vs. "Early" or "Late"). Asking $75 if local pickup, or add $7 if shipping.









4) Used Seymour Duncan TB-15 (Tremolo-spaced humbucker Alt 8 pickup): Relatively new, was installed and used briefly. Cloth wrapper has small tear and got pulled down a bit (see 2nd pic), but pickup works great. Asking $60 if local pickup, or add $5 for shipping.










5) Used Seymour Dunca Invader SH-8. Finish has wear, but item works perfectly. Asking $50 if local pickup, or add $5 if














- Aphex acoustic exciter

- EQ stompbox(s)

- parametric EQ pedal/unit

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Hello, I am selling my fine classical guitar. It is an Aria ac35- http://www.ariausa.com/guitars/ac35.html


I've had this guitar for about half a year and it does have some marks--as you can see in the photo--but it plays beautifully and sounds amazing. Hand crafted in Spain, the quality of this guitar is impeccable, both in looks and sound. It may need a nice set-up, some new strings and some TLC for I usually play my other acoustic instead. I'm headed off to college in two weeks and need some extra funds before i start my first semester. This guitar is in need of a quality owner and someone who will play it much more than i do, cause it is just a beautiful guitar. I'm an acoustic guy, so please don't offer any pedals, amps or electric guitars. It comes with a case, tuner, and two capos, all for $500 OBO.



Drum machine


MIDI keyboard









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This is a 61 bandmaster setup with serial number matching chassis and cabinet legs.The amp has been played ALOT ( belonged to a band that toured heavily in the 70's) and over the years had changes and repairs done in order to keep it on the road and keep it reliable.

Here are the changes that i can see:

The headshell looks to be either a replacement or recovered.

The output transformer was changed at some point but retains the bells from the original unit.

Filter caps have been changed

speaker has been changed to an 8 ohm gt75


What this amp has going for it:

Both channels sound absolutely jaw droppingly beautiful.

3 tube tremolo

It's reliable as a tank and is completely gig ready

It's a factory matching set


as far as cost, i'm not exactly sure. I know that a factory matching single twelve tonering setup with 3 tube trem is a very,very rare thing. I've seen others sell in mint condition for 3k but with the changes on this setup, I'm thinking 900.00 for the head or 1500.00 for the pair would be more than fair.Feel free to shoot me any offers or ask any questions you may have.









I'm also selling a 77 tele :


This guitar plays and sounds great and the only issues to speak of are some small finish chips down by the rear strap button - they were there when i bought it and the previous owner said they had been there for years and didn't know what they were from. the bridge pickup is microphonic as well but all the solder joints in the guitar are original and i didn't want to touch them.

Other than that, the guitar is exceedingly clean and nails that steve cropper thing

This guitar comes with a first year fender molded hardshell case (79 iirc).I'm looking for 1700.00 shipped/insured on this one but am open to offers:







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Here's a unique item I have on eBay right now: A Charvel Warren DeMartini San Dimas "Crossed Swords," signed by Ratt.


My friend won this guitar in a drawing by Hastings Entertainment, but she doesn't play guitar, so it's been sitting in the case since she won it last year (the IRS made her pay taxes on $5,000 retail value! Bloodsuckers...)


It was shipped straight from Roadrunner Records.


I've done a lot of buying and selling of Charvels over the years and was always curious about these new San Dimas models. These things are GREAT! The neck reminds me of a modern C-shape from Fender, but with compound radius and larger frets. In my opinion, this is the perfect neck and blending of modern with classic.








Here's the eBay link.

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Selling my Strat because every time I play it I wish I was playing my Les Paul :lol:


This is the best playing and sounding Strat I've ever had the pleasure of playing. It makes me wish I liked Strats more.






It has an unfinished Warmoth neck with the standard thin u shape and a graphite nut. The vintage saddles have been changed for modern style SS ones, and the bridge SC has been swapped for a BG Hotrod prototype. The SCs are the stock ones and the pickguard is parchment color from Warmoth.


The bridge pickup has a coil split on it. The split tone is nearly perfect SC tone. This guitar sounds heavenly :love: Heres a sound clip of the bridge.




Price is $700 shipped w/PP gift guys. PM me if interested :thu:

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few things for sale

kramer stryker project guitar:has original kramer bridge pickup and original floyd rose II tremolo.......i routed a neck pickup spot but never installed one.....if you need a few more pics of this one i can email them to you $65 shipped


EDIT: the only trades i am looking for are something like a fender mustang ii or iii as i am ampless right now...which is why i am selling all this



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WTT my SZ520QM for some kind of Tele, preferably one with two P90's or maybe just one in the neck or any other configuration for that matter. I am mainly looking for a Fender or even a Schecter PT but I MIGHT consider a Squier, just depends. My SZ520 is an 04' with Duncan JB in the bridge, stock in the neck, has coil taps on both. I recently did the scotch brite treatment to the whole guitar and it looks and feels fantastic. This is a really solid guitar that has served me well over the years. Shoot me a PM if you have anything to offer up!:thu: I will include a nice gig bag with the guitar as well.





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