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Just scored a cheap early 90s Yamaha RGX121DM, nice satin finish, cost 70 quid. I snagged it as a work guitar, I've been wanting some kind of HSH for a while now, so it seemed to fit the bill just nice:
- RGX body shape
- H/S/H + vol/tone + 5-way
- Fend*r-like trem (i don't use it)
- alder body/maple neck/maple board

I've got a Tonerider Rocksong for the neck, a GFS VEH for the bridge and an SD Alnico II for the middle, and a Wilko Vs100 style floating trem to graft on

It'd be a pretty ordinary guitar, but the maple fretboard just sets it off and the fretwork and neck is very sweet


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That maple neck makes it sexy as hell.

I know, it's what made me buy it, I was after an Ibanez Sabre with a ,maple neck, but this just seemed like a no brainer.I'll post the upgraded pics when the pickups and bridge get here

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That Yamaha is gorgeous...I've never seen one in those colors or with a maple board. I'd own it if I ever did...I used to have a white one with Rosewood and kinda regret selling it.

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