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MY EVERGREEN(squirrel nut Zipper zong)Learned it!

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Sometime, life is less suck than before times; or somethink like dot. yah!
I have been a'larnin' and a'pickin' and a' listenin' to MY EVERGREEN.
MY EVERGREEN is (to me) a veddy, veddy cool tune to larn an' such. eh yesah!
the supposedly original nut zipper tune defines jazz but is played on mostly standard chords more or less I guess but ALL the chords are used if you know what I mean. they be like about ten or fifteen different chords seems like. ahahahah! but it's really only about ten or so
they's a few tricky spots that tried to kick my ace up an' down but then I realised that it must be a key change or somethin and I was able to remember the changes after a few hunnerd listens. ahem. uhhh I really enjoyed gettin' my fangers to hit all the chords and i am beginning to OWN this tune.
I wish to capture the essence and honor the crafters of this ditty.
Recording this GEM for POSTERITYS SAKEis gonne be a pleasure fur shur and I can now do a squirrel nut zipper tune.
the end thanks for lettink me share!
I'll see you on the RADIO! No, really!
WXNR 99.5 in NEW BURN norf cak-a-lakky close to the atlantic
:cool: me
:bor: me at night

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This is a long shot I know, a shot from 7 and a half years gone: do you remember the chords? Admittedly, I'm in lazy mode but having just now paid attention to My Evergreen I realize it's one of SNZ's best songs and it makes me sad Tom Maxwell is no longer associated with the group. Anyhoo, I digress. You amembers dem ten chords? Best Wishes!

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