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July, but I don't! It's the best month of the year for new gear!! Ye Olde Spam Thread


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I'm selling a bunch of guitars. Here is the for sale list. More will be added. Let me know if you are interested in any of them. Plus actual shipping prices for all except for the AXL. I'll include shipping for that one.


Gibson Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute - $750 - Sold pending payment

Fender Hwy 1 Strat - $550

Ibanez Jet King JTK2 - $200

Fender Modern Player Thinline Deluxe - $325

AXL Marquee SRO - $150

Ibanez ART100 - $200


Here is a link to pictures: http://s143.photobucket.com/albums/r131/mhn43/For%20Sale/ The Bulldozer and Firebird are also still available.

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All I have for sale is my Fender Mustang. Great guitar, but I'm going to be moving soon, so I'd like to downsize. It's a very fun guitar though!

I'd honestly rather trade for a cool amp, a nice acoustic,
another electric. Let me know, maybe we can work something out?

If you'd like to buy it, I'd like around $575 shipped and pp'ed.





Bryce, clear your mailbox ...full up..

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Some great stuff for sale...

I have a Callaham US Vintage Tremolo in chrome (has reliced naturally with a nice patina). I got a great deal on a Callaham import spaced tremolo that I'm going to go with for string spacing reasons...

Comes with everything shown including the short trem arm.

$105 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48


I also have a set of chrome Schaller locking tuners. These are awesome and I use these on most of my partscasters, but this is an extra extra set. Comes with screws.

$55 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48





I have a Motor City Pickups F-Spaced Afwayu. It's been drilled for direct mounting, but will come with the bolts you can use to mount it in a regular pickguard or pickup ring. Meters at 16.12k on my meter and has about 5" of lead.

$80 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48





I also have a set of US spaced offset Callaham Steel saddles.

$30 shipped/pp'ed to the lower




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FS/FT: Custom Shop ebony First Act Lola w/ case


Looking to trade my Custom Shop ebony First Act Lola - I absolutely love this machine, but I honestly am looking for something a little lighter in weight. Currently loaded with EMG 81/85 setup, ready to roll, set up for 50-11's. Comes with original ABS First Act deluxe flight case. I paid $1400, and currently value trade @ $950, cash value $800. Will be buffed and professionally set up by GC techs prior to deal, installed Dunlop Strap-Loks and Get'm Get'm Sergeant strap included ($50 value)


Looking for:

PRS CE models

PRS Miras

Lighter doublecuts









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