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July, but I don't! It's the best month of the year for new gear!! Ye Olde Spam Thread


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how does it compare to the Voxes?


for $150 shipped, you can't go wrong, they are 300+ everywhere else.

The speaker is a $70 speaker. Attenuation, 15 tube watts, or 4 tube watts.

The cabinet is nicely made too. It won't get you dirty at low volumes, but

it is a very simple tube amp that takes pedals well.

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This is the Mesa Boogie/Mark II/Santana pedal. Includes original manual, and original metal storage box. This guy has velcro on the bottom - otherwise mint. Price is shipped CONUS only. I am a platinum trader here.


Looks like this...




Here is a tone sample...



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Kustom Defender V15 Guitar Combo Amplifier (15 Watts, 1x10") $150 shipped cont.USA



I am suprised this little gem is still available.


Woody I have a ton of dirt pedals, some sound like crap with certain guitars and amps (setups/configurations) while others sound perfect through the same setups & vise versa...it's pretty wierd.


Anyway if I hadn't blown so much money on the great deals thread I would like to give that TECH-21 a whirl.


Good luck.

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Trying to thin out my collection a bit. Figure I would let HC get in on it!


Silvertone 1430. The famous amp in case in full chassis form. Comes with a spare set of NOS tubes. Has the original tubes and still sounds great, just bought spares a while ago for another amp that I ended up selling that used the same tubes.


$100 plus shipping via paypal gift


Airline 62-9012a. Sort of like a Fender Champ I think. Ran by a 6V6. Sounds wonderful and gets pretty loud for its size. Will get a better picture, can't seem to find the others.


$100 plus shipping via paypal gift


Gibson Hawk. Odd Gibson tube amp. 15 watts powered by el 84s. Has real spring reverb and tremolo. 10 inch speaker. Comes with its original foot switch that conveniently tucks into the back in a special compartment.


$150 plus shipping via paypal gift


If you have any questions let me know!

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Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion

I really like this pedal, and I put it on my board every so often, but while I have it in my drawer and before I fall back in love with it, I figured I'd get rid of it since I could use the money. I'll do 50$ shipped and paypal'd.


Dunlop Guitar Strap

10$ shipped

As seen in blue here:



Vox V-847 Wah

Comes with canvas Vox pouch and maybe the original box if I can find it. Works fine, though needs some pot cleaner or something (scratchy when moved).

55$ shipped and paypal'd



I have a BB King and Led Zeppelin tab book...the BB King is great, full of all his hits, tons of songs. The LZ is for "intermediate" guitar, but its really more beginner...it doesn't transcribe any of the solos really, and it just shows a basic way of playing many of their songs.

I'll take 10 for BB and 5 for LZ plus a few bucks shipping

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Squier COB Bullet body with pickguard, tremolo (partially disassembled), neck plate & screws. Comes with what's shown: (does not include: trem arm, output jack). Full sized, basswood body in very good shape with some minor surface scratches and dings. $55 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48!




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All items are for sale. No trades.

Do not reply PM ME.

All prices are shipped CONUS and PayPal'd.



Russian EHX Big Muff Pi

Missing battery door and rubber feet. Comes with OneSpot 9v adapter. Switch, jacks, pots all work great without any problems. Has chips and dings.






Pedaltrain JR + Voodoo Labs PP2+

I have a pedaltrain jr with a PP2+ installed. I am currently trying to sell this as a bundle.



Seymour Duncan P-90 Stacks

Works great, some surface scratches.

$100 for the pair



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Don't want to clog up the spam thread so PM for info/pics/offers/etc...


Trace Elliot Speed Twin H100 $600 shipped/paypal - $700 trade

Mesa F-50 head $600 shipped/paypal - $700 trade

1967 Guild D40NT acoustic $1200 shipped/paypal - $1400 trade

Breedlove Mark II prototype guitar $600 shipped/paypal - $700 trade

Epiphone Elite (pre-elitist) LP $775 shipped/paypal - $850 trade

Parker Fly PDF60 SOLD

Tech21 Double Drive LE $50 shipped/paypal $75 trade

Humphrey Audio Badder Monkey OD $65 shipped/paypal - $75 trade

Rio Grandes Humbuckers 2 conductor $110 shipped/paypal - $145 trade

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