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July, but I don't! It's the best month of the year for new gear!! Ye Olde Spam Thread


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I won't remove the listing unless requested to do so by mod. I have changed the ad and anyone interested in specifics on the guitar can contact me.

Unfortunately I can't help you with your wife.

Sorry bro, selling fakes with a name on them just isn't cool. Had you simply built a look-alike without the name, not that big of an issue. However, putting the Ric name on it isn't cool. You should take down the listing man. Not trying to start a mess with you...just agreeing that the listing should come down. :thu:

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Not electric, but still has strings and is SWEEEET!


1995 Taylor 615 Jumbo with Fishman Matrix Infinity pickup system. Guitar has quilted maple back and sides, ebony fretboard and bridge, original hard case and some of the original case goodies and the original hang tag. Guitar is in great shape. There is a couple marks in the clear coat (belt buckle indentations) on the back that are visible when the light makes a glare on the back. Very minimal fret wear.


This thing is awesome. It has that great sweet Taylor tone with an added boom from the Jumbo body style. More pics if you are interested. May take a partial trade, but cash has to be the primary portion of the deal. $1900 shipped and paypaled.





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HOw about we make a title for all of the self righteous HC policemen to remove posts that are in violation of HC TOS?

Oh wait, we have mods that do that. PM the guy if you have a problem, don't try to {censored} up a sale here.

Oh, on topic I have a generic alnico bridge humbucker for sale for $15. 2 generic single coils for $5 each.


Everyone wants to be el Heffe Grande.

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All prices PP/Shipped. Accepting offers/trades as well.
Got a lot of pedals to sell:

DS-1- $25

NeedleTOink'd ABY switch- $30


Dallas Rangemaster clone- $40


Rogue Vintage Compressor- $20


Rogue Distortion- $20

VFE Blues King- $100
Tonefactor Huckleberry Fuzz (has some noise issue sometimes, PM me)- $50


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Pickups sound great. Body looks nice. Not gonna lie, the action sucks on this thing, but it plays decently low down on the fret board. Action may be fixable. Some of the string winders appear to be unoriginal. We all know these pickups are well sought after and are worth ~$150 bucks a piece.


$275 + Shipping/Paypal or Trade for something equally as cool. Orange County, CA











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I got this in a bundle with a neck and am only keeping the neck as I have a pile of strat bodies sitting around. This is a medium weight (I don't have a scale that's accurate enough to give a weight on this) white Fender Strat Body in really good shape other than some chipping on the edges near the neck pocket (pictured below).


$85 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48.



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For Sale -

Swollen Pickle - Great shape with original box - $85 shipped

Ibanez TS9 - ROUGH SHAPE, pots are shakey, works but it has cut out once or twice. I bought it this way and was dissapointed by the definition (spent $60) and I don't want anyone to get a raw deal. UPDATE - Ok now it seems like there's a bad ground, it squeals alot now $25 shipped takes it

Boss BF-3 Flanger- Great shape works - $65 shipped


If you like something make me an offer - I'm looking for a tremelo or octave pedal in trade.




Also looking to get rid of this beast. I have a tendency to not play more than 2 or 3 guitars and this is gonna fall to the unplayed section. I'm asking $460 shipped (Godin Session). Absolutely great guitar, I just don't "jive" with it. Only trade I'm considering is a Vox AC15 or AC30.

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Have an amp cover that I need to sell. It's a Tuki cover, made for my AC15, but also fit my Hot Rod Deluxe. Thick padding, dense nylon cover. Really good and protective cover. Only used a few times. These are about $80 shipped from Tuki. Will sell you mine for $58 shipped.

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