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July, but I don't! It's the best month of the year for new gear!! Ye Olde Spam Thread


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*** SOVTEK 6L6WGC Tube - $15 SHIPPED ***


Shoot - I just realized I have a Sovtek 6L6 from an amp I had for a short while. I don't have any amps that take 6L6. I'd like to see $10 plus actual shipping, or $15 shipped CONUS to keep it simple.




- W

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Lots and lots of pedals for sale (Post-MTL guitar show price reductions, needs moneyz)


Demeter Compulator Pro $195


EBS UniChorus $125


Diamond J-Drive Mk.III $125


Wilson Compressor $85


Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff $40


Barber Electronics Dirty Bomb $90


Red Witch Fuzz God II $165


Keeley Fuzz Head $135


Electro-harmonix Holy Grail Plus $95


Emma DiscumBOBulator $165


Red Witch Famulus Overdrive/Distortion $175


Foxrox Zim Overdrive $160


Way Huge swollenpickle $75


MI Audio Crunch Box Distortion $85


Diamond Phase $179


Cusack Tap-A-Phase (Black, V2.2) $175


Effectrode Firebottle Booster $195


Maxon AD-9 pro $175


Pigtronix attack sustain ADSR $175


Keeley Modded Boss TR-2 Tremolo $145


Durham Mucho Boosto $95


MJM Dallas Boost (with nos parts) $95


BSM OR treble/bass booster $175


Keeler Kick Fuzz $150


Pigtronix Aria $65


MXR Auto Q $50


Voodoo Lab Analog Chorus $90


Visual Sound

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I have two MIM Fender Strats, stock and in fantastic condition respectively.


- White strat, 2004-2005, mint pickguard and lots of extras I'll throw in. The only flaw is a finish crack at the corner of the neck pocket (it looks to be only finish deep).












- Red 1996-1997 strat, stock, no issues.










- Fender Tex Mex set, with extra mint pickup cover set. Used, but in perfect condition. $55.




- Airline/Harmony Stratotone H45, $450


Made for Aldens department store. Everything works, all original, in fantastic condition, and it plays perfectly.


Click for full size.





PM me.

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I'm also selling either a TV Jones Humbucker mount Powertron Plus bridge and Magnatron neck set OR an English Mount Classic Plus bridge pickup. No screws or springs, but the HB mount pickups come with the boxes and the C+ comes with the cream ring that is pictured.


All are in very good shape with ~ (a little over) 9" lead.


They measure on my multimeter as follows:

Classic Plus: 8.00K

Powertron Plus: 8.65K

Magnatron: 4.08K



Set (won't split): $145 (this is about half of the shipped price!) shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48

Classic Plus: $80 shipped/pp'ed to the lower 48




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Clearing out my pedal collection......can provide pictures.


Wilson Freaker Wah $115 Shipped

EH English Muff'N w/power $95 Shipped

Boss CS-3 Comp. $50 Shipped

Vox Brit Boost $80 Shipped

Morley Sapphire Flanger $50 Shipped

DOD FX20 Phasor $40 Shipped

Guyatone ST2 Comp $50 Shipped

Ibanez TS9 Reissue - $80 Shipped

Ibanez TS9DLX - $80 Shipped




will add more tonight.

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Now on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230823104206#payId


: $375 +shipping

Very good condition as I've only owned it about 6 months. This is one of the newer Progressions made in Canada. Trans caramel with rosewood. Guitar plays great and sounds awesome, beautiful clean tones I find. It's pretty heavy, I don't have a scale to weigh it on but it's surprisingly hefty. I'm looking for $375+shipping. Comes with Godin gigbag. CONUS only please. I'm not looking for trades right now.


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SD Screamin Demon trembucker and Alnico II Pro neck set $90 shipped.


SHO Clone, no LED. Crackle? OK! $50 shipped




BYOC Octave Fuzz, $75 shipped




Bit out there, but have these PS3 games for sale. All are new and in the plastic. I just really don't have time to play them with my current backlog. Will sell for whatever GameStop is listing for USED or trade for Arkham City + cash! (Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ultimate Edition, Dead Space 2 Limited Edition, MLB 2K10, MLB 10 The Show)



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WTT/S Visual Sound Jeckyll and Hyde for cmatmods signs drive or brownie. I will consider other similar, quality od pedals and will throw in money as needed. [ATTACH=CONFIG]347063[/ATTACH] WIll sell for $90 shipped obo.




Fender PT-100 pedal tuner $30 shipped. Mint aside from velcro on bottom.[ATTACH=CONFIG]347064[/ATTACH]

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Hi everyone!


I'm looking to trade for the Gibson Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute with the P-90's. I'm really interested in the 60's edition because the 50's neck is probably too big for my small hands. I'd also consider one of the SG models with P-90's or a Gibson Les Paul Special or other higher end Gibson w/ P-90's. I'd also consider an Agile AL series with P-90's but really want a Gibson.


Here are the items I would consider trading (most of this stuff is not for sale):


Fender Highway One Tele Vintage Sunburst with non-original HSC (brand new guitar)

Jet City JCA22H 20w/ Guitar Head

Danelectro U2 - needs TLC

Dean Dime Black Bolt

VHT Special 6 6w Guitar Head

Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 with a blown speaker that needs to be replaced.

Agile AL-3100 Honeyburst with Burstbucker Pro pickups and full setup with fret dressing

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100w Pre500 (serial # in the 300's) with Hardcase - I will only trade this for a higher end Gibson, not a Studio model. I really have no interest in getting rid of this but if something awesome was to be offered, I'd consider it.




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*** WARWICK GIGBAGS - $15 Shipped CONUS ***

These were a blow out at Cascio Music a few days ago. They are actually big enough for a bass. Just looking to break even on these. $15 Shipped CONUS. New condition - just understand these are economy bags.


PM me if interested.




- w

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Top left Dimarzio Air Zone with chrome cover. Black bobbins underneath. 4 inches of lead. $50 shipped PP gift


Top Right Dimarzio H3 (OEM in Ibanez Prestige guitars, equivalent to Dimarzio Evolution neck pickup). 9 inches of lead. $35 shipped PP gift


Next row, matched set of passive EMG's: H4 bridge and H4A neck. Same model used by Alexi Laiho. $75 shipped PP gift.


Center row, old style EMG 89 with hardwired leads. This EMG has two pickups and preamps inside. One is pretty much an EMG 85 humbucker, and the other one is basically an EMG SA single coil. Comes with a push/pull 25K pot to switch between the two modes. Screw holes were elongated for direct mounting, so I glued nuts to the mounting tabs to use regular sized screws. Trade for a quick connect EMG 60, 60A, 85, 81, H, or HA. It has to be a quick connect type though. Otherwise I'm selling it for $60 shipped PP gift.


Next row, on the left is a neck humbucker from an import Parker guitar ($23) and a no name bridge humbucker from a Fernandes guitar ($13).


Last is a stock Fender single coil from a Japanese Strat. Individual Alnico 5 poles pieces and 2 conductor cloth wiring. White cover. $15 shipped PP gift..


As far as trades I really need a Vin 30 or a similar variation, or a Neo magnet speaker. Will add cash of course.

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2005 Gibson Les Paul Studio - Alpine White w/ Gold HW ***near mint***


Hey folks. I really hate to let this one go, because I wanted to watch it age gracefully. However, I need cash to fund another purchase - you know how that goes.


Here are some details: Serial number 020050606. I'm the original owner - bought it new in 2005. All stock, kept in a smoke free home. Never gigged with and hardly played. Spent most of it's time in it's case in the closet, until recently I hung it on my wall so it would start to age and get that nice vintage yellow. Sorry for the bad lighting, but hopefully you can see it's still mostly the original white and just barely starting to yellow near the edges.


NO dings or scratches - this thing is excellent. The only flaw I could find is a couple very small wear spots on the back of the headstock on the edges (shown in the pic). Chunky neck is straight and plays great.


Nice and heavy - weighs 9.8 lbs!


Comes with original case and manual. Packed securely and shipped insured via FedEx ground with tracking to lower 48.


Asking $1050 shipped (payment via paypal). No trades - I need the cash.

















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$100 or an irresistible trade

This is a pickup winder based on Jason Lollar's book and includes the guts salvaged from a Singer sewing machine with the foot pedal. Equipped with an electronic counter to make it easy to see how many turns you've made in the coil. It has never wound a pickup, mainly because my situation changed right after I completed it, but I tested it this evening and it still works.


A few notes:


1) The winder has a light right above the faceplate to make things easy to see. The On/Off switch for the sewing machine is located on the light housing. Above the shaft are a couple oiling holes for the bushings/bearings. You may occasionally have to help the winder start by nudging the flywheel or the faceplace, after which it runs just fine. The speed is regulated by the footpedal, letting you determine the winding speed. The black jig ply construction also probably helps see what's going on.


2) This is equipped with a scatter assembly, although you could probably do better without using it. The motor to drive the cam is a bit underpowered, so it's not all that smooth, but you could easily replace it with a stronger motor. The leads are wired with wire nuts, making replacement very simple. You could also opt to make a heart shaped cam so that it spends more time in the middle of the coil than on the ends. From what I can tell, many people who have built these have ditched the guide and just position the wire by hand. The long arm sticking out from the front of it is the tensioner arm with a bit of felt on the end. Again, you could ignore it and do it by hand, or use a handclamp like it mentions in the book.


3) The counter works great, driven by a switch and trigger mounted on the rotating shaft. The light switches control the operation of the counter. The first turns it off, basically resetting to zero when switched back on. The second determines the direction of the count, either up from zero or down from a number of turns. There's no way to set the initial number other than letting the machine run for a while and stopping when you get to the number you want to count down from, so you'd probably just start from zero. The third switch allows you to pause the counter, letting you run the winder or turn the shaft without disrupting the count, and it "unpauses" by switching it back.


4) I've got a 2nd carriage that I was building out of left over parts. It could be part of the deal, or it could go to somebody else that wants a head start on a winder.


$100 should do it, plus actual shipping cost to wherever.





A few more pictures here.

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Mint condition Malden Bulldozer with HSC. Alnico 5 humbuckers with coil split. Bound mahogany neck. Mahogany body. This is much nicer than any Epi SG I've ever played.


$250 via Paypal gift plus actual shipping with hard shell case.




The tag hanging off of the tone control has been removed.

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Totally stock. I've hardly played this since I bought it. It's a great guitar. But I need to thin the herd.


Comes with a SKB polyfoam case. It's better than a gig bag but it's not a hard case.


$325 + actual shipping vial Paypal gift.




I took the label off of the pickguard.

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