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Zenon Electric guitar

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I found this at a local store today. I don't know if it is called a Zen-on or Zenon. Looks like it was made by Teisco but the pickups are copies of the Kay Kleenex box and the neck is huge. It came with original case,strap and cord.It's the same guitar as the one in the video at the bottom.















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Elvis Costello plays one in his DVD that was filmed in Memphis. I bet there are clips on youtube.


Ooohh,I'd like to see that! Thanks! Someone told me that they were made by Guyatone between 1963 and 1965. Here is another Zenon.It has been modified:









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That is exactly my first electric. Sounded pretty good actually, but was kind of hard to play. I had it for many years until I traded it for something.

Cool! Do you have any pictures of yours


I found out from Vintaxe that Zen-On guitars were made by Guyatone between 1963-1965.



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Actually,I am not sure about the history of Zen-On guitars. I had gotten this info from Vintaxe Forum




Exclusive: Capri, Crown, GUYATONE, Guya, Fandel, Imperial, Saturn


Contract Manufacturing for: Apollo, Audition, Decca, Domino, Futurama, Hondo, Kent, Kingston, Ibanez, Orpheum, Silvertone, Suzuki


Sales Brands: Barclay, Beltone, Broadway, Capri, Crestwood, Elko, Feather, G. Rossi, Howard, Hi-Lo, Ideal, Johnny Guitar, Kimberly, Lafayette, Lindell, Maier, Marco Polo, Marquis, Maximus, Melodies, Montclair, Omega, Orpheus, Prestige, Recco, Royalist, St George, Silhouette, Sorrento, Toledo, Vernon, Victoria, Zen-On, Zenta



But according to this website Zenon (link) Zenon was a small manufacturer who made both electric and acoustic guitars.They were bought by acoustic guitar maker Hayashi in 1968.


I read somewhere else that Guyatone made Zen-On guitars from 1963-1965 so maybe it was made or distributed by Guyatone I have also seen Zenons that were possibly made by Teisco like this one (Link) maybe Teisco made the ones withe the gold foil pick-ups?


Here are some other Zenon guitars(photo from King Of Kays)




1965 Zen-On and Conrad guitar(not mine)




This is Elvis's Futurama: Hey,you really can sing into these pick-ups!



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