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For quite some time it was frustrating...


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Yes, I think so. It's a little hard to tell without seeing it in person but I just looked at my ruler and that seems a bit large in diameter. The problem with this is when you're melting the larger diameter solder, it naturally melts a larger amount than is required. The next time I'm in the Source or Home Depot, I'll check on the smallest diameter they offer and let you know what I find. I may also have some left in the garage so I'll look there too.

Okay, I tried Google instead. Here's a link to the article I found. It suggests for electronic soldering 1.0mm is the correct size. Weller suggests only 2-3 seconds maximum soldering on the joint as more than that will result in too much solder on the joint. I hope this is a help to you.



Sweet thanks!

Almost immediately after I thought, "GOOGLE!". I will have to grab some smaller stuff. It makes perfect sense looking back on the problems I was encountering.

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