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Alternatives to the Gibson Les Paul


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When I say alternatives I mean the guitar has a Mahogany or Spanish Cedar body and neck with a rosewood or ebony fingerboard. The guitar will have any type of pickups. Trem is OK. Any control layout is cool. The mail thing is the wood, and the scale length must be 24.625, 24.75 to 25 inches.

Can you think of any other guitars to consider?



Schroeder Radio Lane.

Radio Lane.jpg

Kauer Starliner.


Springer Seraph.


Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom '59.


Thorn Deluxe 90.


Ian Anderson Standard.


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Ratae Corieltauvorum wrote:

Just curious, you seem to be speccing a Les Paul, but excluding it?


Any particular reason why you'd want the alt?

I love Gibson guitars, but I can get a custom guitar of the same type for $2,000 less than Gibson would charge me.

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DaveAronow wrote:

The wood is the least important factor for tone differences.


Pup type and scale length will have WAY more of an impact, so maybe you should start considering those possibilities.

The cool thing about buying a custom guitar is you can choose the brand of pups and the scale length.

You can even choose the capacitors.

Gabe at Echopark Guitars gives you the choice of NOS

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The Vanquish Mystique. Price $3,995

- 24.75" scale length

- Brazilian mahogany body, neck and headstock

- master grade book matched curly maple top and matching headstock veneer

- Figured mother of pearl logo

- matching 6mm dot inlays to the fingerboard

- Bare Knuckle "Nantucket" P90's, Bridge pickup 7.9K (cuts to 6.8K via the push push on the bridge tone control),

- Neck 7.1K (cuts to 6K via the push push on the neck tone control)

- 550K CTS pots with individual treble bleed caps voiced to suit the guitar

- Switchcraft recessed panel jack

- Nickel plated Gotoh open geared tuners

- Tusq nut 1.6929133858 Inches wide

- Jumbo 18\% nickel fretwire

- Tone Pros locking bridge and Vanquish Aluminium tailpiece

- Dunlop Dual straplocks

- Indian Rosewood rear cover plates

- Finished in Charcoal stain with a 10\% satin nitro cellulose top coat applied over a 2 pack sealing coat.

- Licensed Buzz Feiten tuning

- A unique Musitrac microchip located in the headstock for identifaction purposes

- Logo'd Hiscox hardcase

- Weight: 7 lb 10 oz






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