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The Fine Art of Naming Your Guitar


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that is freaking awesome, love those GT-40's

How did you create that? Is that some kind of 3-d modeling software?


Thanks. Yes, I used 3D modeling for the parts, photoshop for the graphics and a 3D renderer for the final renders. It's rough in spots and the top is flat but for not having worked with a 3D modelling program in about 10 years I was happy with the results.

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I've only named TWO Guitars


My first Les Paul I named "Lester", and that was actually original for me, but of course I've come to find that it is oh so common


And then I got myself one of these




and my wife and I began calling it "Big Red". But I own a lot more than those two guitars, but only two were deserving of the anthropomorphism.

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I used to call my 1963 black Strat 'The Old Bastard' because it was so mean and cranky ...


But it's now 'The Old Soldier' because (a) 'bastard' implies that it was put together post-facto from bits, which it wasn't, and (b) because when my modern Custom Shop Strat started to misbehave, the ancient heirloom which I considered pretty much retired stepped up to the plate and sounded fantastic, felt great and proved ultra-reliable.


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I'm with Krashpad on the naming thing...


#1 or Rangemonster - my Warmoth Strat-o-Ranger

Creamsickle - MIA Fender strat - transparent orange

Frankentele - my first tele build

Bride of Frankentele - my 2nd tele build

Son of Frankentele - my 3rd tele build

Red Hot Mama - Ibanez Artcore AM73T

Big Daddy - Hamer Vector

Greeny - Peter Greenified Epi LP

Jeff - Epi '54 LP Oxblood

Surf Monster - frankenstrat with Surf 90s

Pipeline - Dillion Mosrite copy

Tubular - '50s strat with lipstick tube pickups

Phatty - CV '50's tele w/neck humbucker

Gretsch Paul - Eleca Gold Top LP copy with EJ customs

Stevie Ray Vaughanabie - Squier Bullet strat with Texas Specials

Dano - Dano DC 3

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fiveoclockhero wrote:



Next, you have to choose an
ladies name. It can't be anything that a 24 year old would name is newborn baby daughter in the year 2010. Don't call your guitar "Kylie" or "MacKenzie" or "Schuyler" or "Caitlin".

My wife, born in 1979, is "Kylie", so I guess that is out.

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