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Christian Bands = easy way to get signed/fans/money?

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Originally posted by crazyassmerfer

Unfortunately, everything you said in your thread seems

to be true! and it's a real shame that such things are a reality

in the world of music... IT DISGUSTS ME!!!
I hate Christian music for many reasons...the particular being

that you have to affiliate yourself with a particular religion for

your band to get more success! plus the whole polished

"goody-goody" thing makes me just want to vomit!
I'm not a religious person, and never will be!

plus, if anything I'm a "bad boy", and that's fine with me!...

Crypticglobe's reply to this subject is REALLY good!

one of the most knowledgable posts I've ever read!

Bluestrat's posts in other threads have really opened

my eyes as well! Both of these guys obviously

know WAY MORE about the music biz than I do, and

I'm keeping A LOT of what they said in mind, as I

continue along with my music career. Thanx guys.

Exactly and another thing these people seem to forget as that orginally Rock music goes against a lot of what is taught in the church.

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I think it's really crummy to want to be a Christian band just to make money. The whole reason there is such a thing as a Christian band is that those bands supposedly have better principles and want to promote those principles. When did greed become a Christian principle? Never!

That's just shoddy. That's the saddest thing I've heard today.

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I have been playing for a while in a christian band and I think it is harder I mean when you look for band members and so on you really lose alot in the way of numbers to chose from( By the way know any vocalist in Ohio)

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hi my names whitey ive been playing guitars 30 years i would like to get into a christian rock band. im now 46. i play a lot of rock music with edm thrown in for good measure. I've recorded over 100 tunes without vocals to be used another time. My music is on youtube if you wanna  check them out i also done a worship album with my mate tony. my music goes under the name  for youtube of gary white lurgan.i was thinking if a group or two sent me songs maybe not totally finished off i could put guitars on the song .you could send me the songs via email  ..PM me.    many thanks.

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