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Help for complete Noob!


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OK. I don't know how to sing one little bit, and don't claim to. I really want to get better though. As of now, my goal is just to be able to sing leads on one or two songs with a band that plays small bars. I mainly play keys


Anyway, I'm looking for some constructive criticism, advice on getting better, although as of now, I can't afford lessons... (Maybe books, cds, or dvds). I feel like I can't always hit the right pitches, I don't like the tone of my voice. I don't know if I'm way off, or just a little.


I'm attaching a sample of me. I recorded it through my phone in my car, because I am quite embarrassed of my awful singing. I never sing in front of others.


Right away, problems that stand out for me are the "yeah it does," the bridge, timing issue on the last verse. In addition, I'm not singing with much feeling (soul) right now, because I'm just trying to get it right at first. And many other issues too!!


So, here is the sample of me, Every Rose Has Its Thorn.


Please tell me what you think my issues are, what I can do about them, and if possible, anything that doesn't suck!!!


Again, I'm completely new, so I won't take criticism personally, so be honest.


Thanks so much!!!



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Ok...so it's not as bad as I was expecting and the timbre of your voice is not bad...what you lack is technique and that can be learned.


First thing I would do is to try to get over being shy and start singing in a better place than yor car! In there you are not only in a seated position, but most likely in poor posture. Also acoustics in a car are horrible so anything you sng in there will sound bad, thus making improving impossible! Now I know that we all practice songs while driving but not record!


There are several on-line videos you can find on youtube that can help with lessons, etc. There are also an immense ammount of of dvd's you can buy with methods, etc. I am sure others will jump in and give you some help in that area. I will recomend you get a vocal instructor, it's not that expensive and if you are serious about this, it will be the best return on your investment.


For now work on your delivery by singing with the song in a better place than your car!



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