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Need help choosing Firewire Sound Card

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So, im looking for something in the range of 200 to 300 bucks. I've been looking at these two:

Edirol FA-66 6X6 FireWire Audio Interface


T.C. Electronics Desktop Konnekt 6

I've used the T.C. before, and it was alright, but didnt really get that much time with it as to really make judgment about it, one major con I noticed is the lack of inputs and outputs, at least in comparison with the edirol. But, with the rebate, it will end up costing me about 180.00 bucks, pretty cheap.

The edirol looks really nice, I have no expirience with the edirol line though. It has a way more ins and outs, plus midi, and has a built in peak limiter. BUT it doesn't have independent controls for the headphones or level display like the T.C. does, plus it would end up costing me about 100 bucks more.

So, in terms of quality, features and bang for my buck, which would you guys recommend? anyone have personal experiences with either?
O by the way, I'm running on a 2.1 Ghz Intel Imac, OS X Leopard, Ableton live mostly, and occasionally Logic.

Thanks in advance

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