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Easy Math Free Impedance (Ohms)

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Intro   Ok. So every so often someone comes around here with a 'help what are ohms' or something similar thread. Invariably what happens is a bunch of well meaning people show up and start spout

Part 2: Solid state amp with only 1 cab   This is about the simplest setup you can possibly have. Any solid state amp has an 'impedance rating' that tells you what impedance in ohms the amp can

Part 3: solid state amps with 2 cabs   With more than one cab, you follow the same basic guidline as with only 1: don't run your amp at a lower impedance than it can handle. However, with more

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On 12/14/2003 at 10:55 AM, Nate42 said:

What about running with no cab? Some people think this is bad for amps, which is actually true of tube amps (see part 4). But with a solid state amp, no cab is essentially infinite impedance, it won't try to draw any current at all and won't harm your solid state amp in any way.


While this is generally true, what you don’t want to do is change the speaker configuration while the amp is turned on. Unplugging the speaker (or plugging it in) while the amp is on can short the speaker output, resulting in no impedance load, which can fry a solid state amp.


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