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Test drove some gear today.

james on bass

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Went to hang out at some shops today since I;m on holidays.


Test drove this...


Yorkville XS800 amp into their 8x8 cabinet.

800w @ 4ohms for $850.

I was very impressed with the sound for the short amount of time I played it. You can blend in some tube warmth, on-board compression, nice eq - all the bells and whistles. Used a low-end, but active Ibanez bass. The amp sounded awesome! Didn't crank it though, so I'm not sure how good the cabinet is for lows.

This amp, with 2x12 & 410 cabinets I think would be my ultimate set-up.


Took a G&L L2500 Tribute 5 string out for a spin as well at a different shop. First time I'd ever played a G&L. Played into a {censored}ty Peavey combo and my girls were ready to go home, so it was a short spin. For about $800 that bass is built super solid! String-through-body bridge, active/passive electronics. Not sure how all the toggles worked though. Would have loved to crank it through the Yorky set-up at the other store.

I was quite impressed though. I can see why you guys recommend them to people looking to upgrade.

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