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OT: ebay rant


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Man, my ebay experiances are starting to get really {censored}ty...


First some guy left me neg feedback, without contacting me at all; he didn't like what he got, but I would have been willing to negiote him a partial refund or something if he'd gotten ahold of me.


Then, I wait a month for shipping for a cab I bought, the seller never left me feedback, and still hasn't, even though I left neutral feedback for him, which is more than fair, since it took him a MONTH to send it.


Now I buy a couple pedals from different people, and neither of them has had any contact with me, despite my (multiple) emails requesting totals. I just want to pay you your money, people! Seriously, who runs an auction, and then doesn't respond when it ends? It's been 3 and 4 days for each item...

What is up with people?!?




ok.. just needed to vent a little...



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Just another couple reasons why I buy from reputable stores via normal (non-Ebay) channels. It's nice to pick up the merchandise, try it out, and then take it home right then and there if I like it. Sure, I miss out on a few items that aren't available, but I don't seem to be suffering for it...at least not to look at my basement.

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