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May be switching to guitar....


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a.k.a. "Why are bands so difficult?"


Due to my current band falling apart, there is a chance that I may become a guitar player for this project. I'm not selling off the bass gear by any stretch, and could probably play in a band that needs a bassist. I'll be running on a shoestring budget, and could use some gear advice from anyone here who has experience with what I'm looking at. I'll need to get an electric guitar and amp for a pop/rock (Ivy, Better than Ezra, Semisonic, Collective Soul type stuff) with a budget of about 500 bucks - and that's if I get that much for the sampler I've got around that I never use. I'm budgeting more for the amp than the guitar, that way if I could upgrade the guitar or get another inexpensive backup.


Here's what I'm looking at:

I've really only looked at the SX/Brice options Rondo has. I like the looks of the KY1 and the SST Fat, as it looks like the pickups are standard size and could easily be upgraded if need be. Any other suggestions?


As for amps, these have caught my eye:

Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 30R or 60R (2 channel, reverb, solid state that supposedly imitates tubes)

Epiphone Galaxie 25 (25 all tube watts, 1 channel, but I hear it has some hum issues)

Laney TF-200 II (65 watt, 3 channels, reverb, getting a little too expensive)

Laney HCM 65R (65 watt, 2 channel, reverb)


Any thoughts, or suggestions. I'd like it to have a clean and dirty channel if possible, but can get a OD pedal if I have to. Looking to stay at 60 watts max, not to picky on speaker size as long as I won't blow it up by cranking it on occasion.

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I dont know anything about those guitars, but I wouldnt worry too much about the guitar, almost anything will be decent to play and sound so anything you get should be fine.


For an amp, have you thought about traynors?


The ycv40 is a 40 watts tube amp, I had that before and it was plenty loud enought for ANY gig, and I think you can get it at a good price used or new.


Also, have you thought about using a solidstate head with one of your bass cabs? It would be even cheaper. You can get at 100watts SS peavey Supreme head for something like 400$ USD, that you be plenty for playing in a band.


In any case, I wouldnt over look a SS head with a bass cab.



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