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Anyone using a 100 watt tube head for bass?


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100w is 100w

but from my expirience, how loud amp will be depends alot more from the speakers attached to it than form amp it self, once I have tried a only 15W fender (for testing purposes, it was 1x8 combo and it blew the speaker) with a 100w celestion 1x12 100w, and it blow me away....

Also tried a Orange 100w all tube head with same setup that was maybe just a double louder...

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Originally posted by chunkathalon

So, while 100 watts is 100 watts, everything you've written after "100 watts is 100 watts" appears to suggest that an amplifier marketed as a 100 watt all tube amp will most likely get louder than a 100 watt ss amp without frying or sounding like ass.




There are so many variables it's a tough discussion to put "in a nutshell". It's the apples vs apples or oranges thing. Power ratings are supposed to be; x power into y impedance with z% distortion. Hence, 100 watts into 4 ohms with 2% THD. Two amps rated in this way should sound alike in terms of perceived volume. The differences comes from how they react if they're pushed hard, beyond the rated power/THD spec. By and large, most tube amps are built old-school, and more than able to handle their spec, and handle reactive loads very well. SS amps can be designed to do this as well, but it's rarer to find one, and more and more amps are built too close to the spec and can't handle reactive loads well, and sound ratty when pushed beyond spec.


So yeah, you're on the mark because you said, "most likely". There's no hard-fast rule.

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