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LA - SD: Ripped off gear


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Sorry if you're not anywhere near the San Diego or L.A. area, but I saw this on another BBS I go to, and hopefully a quick response will help. For those in the vicintity please check this out.


"Hi all,


Hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to put the word out that someone broke into my garage on Sunday night/Monday morning and stole ALL my electric basses, my Bose Personal Amplification System, an acoustic guitar and several other amps and speaker cabinets. The total loss is over $10,000, but I'm really bummed about the basses, some of which I've been playing for 15+ years. I've attached a Word document with the items and their descriptions. If you happen across any of them, please let me know.


I'll be leaving for New York to play JERSEY BOYS on Broadway in about two weeks, but I'll keep my phone number and email address:


(619) 540-2451



Take care,




Fender P-bass (black with blonde fingerboard)


Peavey TL-6 six-string bass (red/orange flame-like finish)



Cort Curbow 5-string fretless bass (red Luthite body, plaque on back reading "To Ken from All of Us"


Hondo Deluxe Series 830 4-string electric bass (yellow body, first bass I ever owned)


Kaman Applause acoustic bass guitar (round plastic back)


DeArmond Ashbory bass (black, tiny little bass with silicone strings)


Fender DG-11 acoustic guitar (black)


Bose Personal Amplification System



GK 400 RB bass amp (in gray Grundorf rack case)


SWR Goliath Jr. II 2X10 cabinet (black covering coming off on bottom of cabinet)


Carvin R1000 bass amp

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