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HCBF Party Cart: YFC Debut Gig Edition


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Oh yeah...boyee!


My country band is playing for the first time in front of people tomorrow night at a private party. It should be a low-key affair and will give us a chance to get a real warm-up before playing our first "real" gig opening for Uncle Boogie Pants! It's expect that there will be between 75-150 people there.



I'm guzzling a JW Dundee's Honey Brown right now. I'm taking a break from working in the yard.

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I don't have any gigs this weekend, but we're going out to Aladdin's Eatery with some friends tonight for my wife's birthday. I also took her to a very nice restaurant last night.


I have a CPA review course class tomorrow (from 8:15 'til about 3pm). Other than that, we'll likely just be spending time at home and watching a couple of DVDs I've rented.


Not sure what I'll drink tonight, but we have New Holland Zoomer Wit at home (which isn't all that great IMHO).




After dinner last night, I had Flying Dog Pale Ale on tap at Gallo's Tap Room. I love Flying Dog PA.




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