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Envy me! (new gear)


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Just bought a EBS 4x10 cab for aprox $560 (used) :D


I thought my old cab sounded good and true, but now, this cab just sings! Clearity, punchiness and tightness... oh my... :) It's somewhat lacking in the low end though..


Another downside, it's a older cab (a '99, I'm second owner, as new) and it only have speakon-connections, and no fader for the horn. Sent a mail to EBS about changing the rear panel though...


By the way, has anyone compared one ot these to, say, a EDEN cab?


Now all I need is a Fafner and a EBS 1x15 or 2x12 :D





(sans the "2000")

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Originally posted by fretless

well all I know about you is you damn good taste in gear
Very nice
That should move some air



Well, thank you! I should have good taste in gear, I've learned everything from listening to the HCBF-crew :p




And it does move som air... cleanly.

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Eh, I guess it's ok if you like that ultra tight and thunderous low end while providing near perfect tone all the way across the spectrum coupled with punch that'll knock plaster off the wall at 50 paces. If you're into that sort of thing, it's ok.


Congrats dood, that's an awesome cab!

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