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Eden NSP212 just arrived, nothing compares to Eden, nothing!


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After 14 years of playing bass and searching for the perfect setup I've come to the realization nothing compares to Eden. I am not interested in paying boatloads of money for gear so having the largest most powerful amp is not the route I chose. Eden can get expensive but they are smart and offer quality equipment powerful enough for the local band to gig clubs.


I've tried and/or owned Ampeg SVT, SWR, Hartke, Peavey, Gal. Kru. and finally Eden.

Nothing played my basses as clean and strong as the Eden gear. It was SWR for 8-10 years then I decided to try Eden, and A/B it to the SM-900. Eden WT330 won out, yet I kept my SWR triad. It was a decent sound but when the SWR took a sh*t it was time for a new cab.


That's where the Eden Nemesis came in. The NSP212 was a perfect compliment to the power handling of the WT330. I nearly sh*t my pants when I did the first gig with this setup and a new bass, the Marcus Miller sig. jazz bass. Plenty of power for a local bassman. Big gigs are P.A.'d so I use their power to fill the room. Nice and light, but most important Nothing has ever cut so clean the hi's and lows as the WT330 and NSP212, nothing. No mud, just you and your bass, and your fingers.

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