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Eden rig. FYI


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Not mine, btw. Just sharing.


First, don't get the wrong idea about this post. Everybody who knows me knows how much I love my rig and the care my equipment gets, so this is a golden opportunity for someone who has a serious need for serious bass gear that hasn't been abused. With that said, here's what I have:

2 - David Eden D410XLT speaker cabinets with custom Tuki covers (Eden logo proudly displayed)

1 - David Eden WP-100 Navigator pre-amp (these retail at $1699)

1 - David Eden WT-1000 amplifier (1200 watts of bass power retailing at $1849!)

WILL NOT SEPARATE, so please don't even ask. This rig is potent and is a steal for the small price I'm asking. It's a full stereo rig with plenty of power to spare if you feel the need to add more speakers to it. All the gear is in absolutely great condition and just ask anyone who has heard me play live what the sound is like ;-) Here's the ebay link:

Also for sale:

Spector NS5CR natural oil stain with the EMG BQ pre-amp system (a $280 upgrade) with Spector hardshell case for $1000. Buy the bass rig and this bass for only $3000 and I'll toss in a load of goodies with the deal! Sorry, no payment plans as this is a really good deal on a professional bass rig. This is far more than would be needed for any club and is really geared more towards touring. Only selling it because I'm revamping my entire rig from the ground up, so just starting from scratch with a new sound I'm working on. Whoever jumps on this deal is sure to be pleased with everything they get for the price.

Call 904-318-0294 if interested or send an email to
for more details. Thanks.


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