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Amp woes


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I thought I had found a great deal on an used amp, a 200 watt Nemesis 212, for around $350. Bought it, got it home, after about a week started to get a moderately loud hum/buzz from behind the cooling fins.


Had a 14 day return deal, so on the 14th I took it back. I loved the amp, great sound, but couldn't live with the humming.


They said they would take it to a repair place. The repair place moves at a snails pace. Weeks pass, the dinosaurs become extinct.


A month goes by and still nothing. Everytime I call the repair guy I am told "gonna get to it any day." Repair guys says he talked to the designer of the amp at Eden. Still nothing.


Told the store owner that I need an answer by Friday of this week or I want my money back.


Thinking of getting the new Behringer 450 watt head and a cab to be named later.

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