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Someone here own or played a Quake?


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Originally posted by timmerz

I'm pretty sure Knucklehead is deeply involved in the building of Quake basses in Seattle,



Yeah, I'd say he's deeply involved. He designed them and it's his company.


I am so GASSING for one of these.

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Originally posted by Rowka

Remember that Blood Red one he built?

I WANT IT!!!!!!!!

I Will have it.

Anyone wanna buy a Steinberger XL-2A?

JAF Minuteman?

Crappy Warlock with an EMG (not select) P and a Kahler trem?

Here you go you hippies, look upon it and DESPAIR!!!

Red Ouake Bass that taunts Rowka

BTW Skip is building a few to test some new ideas and he is going to build me one, you might want to talk to him and see if you can work something out.:)

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