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X Post - OT - Went to a Paul Gilbert Clinic last night.....

Johnny BoomBoom

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And it was awesome! I saw him before a number of years ago playing in Mr Big alongside Billy Sheehan - and that was an pretty humbling experience!



Last night was really cool though! My guitarist called me to see if I wanted to go and I thought what the hell.......watching this guy play guitar is awesome! Admittedly a lot of it is really fast stuff - 'cos he can ,and he happily admits that, but at the same time he is very down to earth and very entertaining - he also took lots of questions and was happy to give out tips, and suggest exercises!



His playing was really god, and he did a lot of Racer X stuff......some Mr Big and a variety of other stuff......Led Zep, Sabbath.....etc!



He played some amazing Bach piece (written for piano).......and pretty much nailed it 3rd go:D (He warned us that he'd never been able to play all the way through it before.....but managed 3rd go! Well, I don't know if he did note for note - the piece sopunded familiar - but I don't know a lot of classical music!)



His finale, which surprised me....was a medally (sp??) of Spice Girsl 2 Become 1.......Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven......and Black Sabbath Sweat Leaf.......well, it was Spice Girls with the guitar solos from the other songs thrown in at appropriate points....and yes it strangely all gelled together and souded good........although I still find it hard to believe I was sitting watching Paul Gilbert play a Spice Girls song...... :eek:



All in all a very cool night.....he played and talked for just over 2 hours...(mostly played!) All in all excellent value for

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Originally posted by ToeJamFootball

you lucky prick!!, i really like Paul Gilbert, especially hi stuf with Mr Big, Alligator Farm is a really cool solo album he did also.

shame Billy wasnt there with him eh??




If Billy had been there it would simple have been overkill!!!!!!


.....just like the Mr Big gig I went to about.......10 years ago.....:eek:

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