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Here's the deal. I am very picky when it comes to music. I haven't yet put my finger on it, other than the fact it can't have annoying vocals (plain-sounding or copy-cat, or just plane odd--do I hear an 80s glam rock band in the background?) and can't be musically simple. (I guess my finger is now half-way on, but i digress).


I'll list some of my favorite artists, and let everyone else make some new music suggestions. I'm looking to expand my bass playing as well as simple music enjoyment.


Your suggestions better have better-than-average bass players, or I'll hunt you down.


A good feel for my taste, but not limited to (and in order of thought):


Elliott Smith (lol, no bass player for the most part, but first to mind)

Muse (good bass player, plus the guy knows how to compose good music)

Thrice (I was raised on punk, and these guys rip)

Victor Wooten (makes up for Smith, right?)

Bad Astronaut (good sound, Joey Cape is brilliant)

Incubus (tight rhythm section and style)

Smashing Pumpkins (I see an annoying vocal trend on this list already, but I guess what I call annoying is subjective... an example would be many of those manly voice Creed-ish singers... ugh

:p )


That should pretty much cover the spectrum, though my tastes are more centered around Thrice and mid-90s punk)


Can you help?

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Mr. Bungle - Mr. Bungle

Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante

Mr. Bungle - California


Trevor Dunn's Trio Convulsant - Sister Phantom Owl Fish (or Debutantes and Centipedes if you can find it)


Infectious Grooves - The plaque that makes your booty move


Stanely Clarke - Stanely Clarke


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Of Natural History



pick up some jazz, too. miles,mingus coltrane, monk, grant green, ray brown, dizzy gillespie, parker, etc etc.

If you like fast, check out the song Be Bop (Dizzy's Fingers) on the album Dizzy's Big 4

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