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Need some advice Please!


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I posted a similar question last week, but didn't get much response.

I'm hoping you can help me out.

This may be long......



Currently, I own a Hartke VX3500, which is the 4/10 combo. I would really like to get a seperate head/cabinets set up, because the combo is too heavy to drag around.

Here's what I'm thinking:

I like the 3500 head from my combo, so I'm thinking of removing it from the combo, putting it in a rack, then adding a couple seperate cabs to complete my new rig. I'm thinking a 2/10 and a 1/15. I have a nice McCauley 15" driver in a PA box that I never use. So I'm thinking of getting an empty 1/15 cab , and an empty 2/10 cab(steelsound or Avatar?). I could put two of the Hartke 10's in the empty 2/10 cab, and my McCauley 15" in the other cab, then I would have 2-8 ohm cabs with a total of 550 watts of power handling.

Or, am I better off trading in the combo altogether?

I have some money available (about $500 or so), but, I'm gassing for a new bass also. I currently have only an Ibanez SR300DX. I'm kind of getting tired of that skinny neck, and like the looks of the G&L Tribute.

I'm not happy with the sound of current set up, so am I better off getting a new bass rig, or a new bass guitar?




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If it were me, I'd dump the amp and start from scratch. Once you take the head out of the cab, you'll be stuck with a 410 airhead that very few people will want to buy. And you probably wouldn't be too pleased with the sound of the 115 if you merely bought an empty cab. It's been said that the sound and tone of any cab is 50% speaker quality and 50% cab design and construction. I'd look for something that has been built to be a bass cab.

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You have several issues here...


First, you hate the neck of your current bass.

Second, the bulk of your existing rig is cramping your style.

Third, you own a Hartke. :D

Kidding on that third thing... well part of it, anyway.


Hartke amps are alright, but many don't like their cabs. If you rack the amp and replace the cab, you'll likely fix a lot of your tonal issues, and solve your size issue. But, as posted above, you'll have an empty cab that you'll never be able to sell.


A new bass would certainly solve your neck issue, but would it fix the tone problem? Probably not.


Best thing to do is start with the amp and cab. You already know you have a tonally unpopular amp/cab. Hartke gets negative attention here for a reason.


Before you make a decision on the amp though, tell us what it is about the sound that you don't like?

Is it too dry/sterile/uncolored?

Not enough Low end?


Not enough power?


Then tell us what you want.

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My advice is the same as the last thread...


Buy a hand truck and get yourself a new bass.


If you dump the Hartke rig, you'll *maybe* find a marginally better rig but chances are it will be fairly comparable to what you have now... and you still won't have a bass that you like.

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