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Oh the difference new strings make!

james on bass

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I had a double-header gig this weekend. I figured I'd go one more weekend, then change my strings for next weekend's gig.

Being the cheap bastard I am, I usually try to go as long as I can on a set of strings. I even try to use my backup bass for band practice when possible.

Well, Friday night I just sucked. I hated my sound, I hated the feel of my bass, and just generally could not play it all that well. It felt like every note was a challenge. I changed my strings before last night's gig and what a difference! It felt like I had a new bass and new rig. Clearer, punchier, louder and easier to play. I shouldn't have held out so long.


I changed back as well to D'Addario nickel roundwounds - my old favorite. The Ernie Ball Slinky's just didn't do it for me.


I'm gonna order some Webstrings next week. A set of nickels and a set of stainless and give them a try.

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