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Where's the loctite???


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Ai. I was unloading my head today, and I heard a rattling inside as I was carrying it and moving it around. I decided, we'll have a little look-a-roo when we got home. I could be only one of two things: the transformer, or the heatsink. Well, I pulled the head out of the SKB case and unscrewed the top panel to look inside. After a couple minute of googling over all the complex circuitry and fancy little electronic components, I began the probing. Hmmm, it looks like the transformer is snug and secure. All the screws have clear access and I'll go ahead and snug them down. Each of the four screws took a quarter turn or so, and they were happy. Lets move on to the heatsink, I told myself. I wiggled it a little, and sure enough, it was loose. No problem, I told myself, I'll just find the screws, there's probably 4-6 of them, and tighten them down, close it up and problem solved. Well, you know that's not the case. The thread title alluded to some difficulty and frustration, so here it is. There are three parts: the heat-sink, the base, and the chasis. The assembly is simple: you fasten the heatsink to the base, and then fasten the base to the chasis. Does anyone see a problem with this? What happens if the heatsink loosens from the base? Who knows? The engineers obviously didn't. The screws that hold the heatsink to the base come from underneath and thread into holes tapped in the heatsink. What about access holes? Nope. Now, just take the whole thing out, you say? Nope. There are eight fancy little (transisters?) that all screw into the heatsink with some silicon gunk underneath, cause they get mighty hot when I crank the thing up. What gives? Where's the loctight on those screws?


That's when I became very sad, and very very angry.


I have pictures to arouse your anger and sympathy, but I don't know how to post them from my comp :mad:


:mad: :mad: :mad:

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