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Jamming with old drummer


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About a year ago, I formed a band with my really good friend (guitarist/singer) and his recently met freind from class (drummer). We were a band for about 4 months until he suddenly quit without reason. Although he had been playing drums for a short time, he was very good and I could tell he had talent. Well, about 6 months or so passed, and my guitarist friend and myself practiced a few times a week.


The weird thing was: after our drummer quit, he always wanted to jam with us. And finally, we have made plans to jam this coming thursday. He said that depending on this jam goes, decides if he will rejoin our band. Hopefully he does.


The bad thing is that he's not much like us (my guitarist friend and myself and quite alike, sharing the same interest in music, hobbies etc.). The music I typically listen to are:



John Mayer



Foo Fighters



And others along that line. This is the same for the guitarist. On the other hand, this drummer likes bands such as:



Taking back sunday

The Used

and other emo/xcore bands


The music we play is sort of grunge/punk'ish. I was just wondering if any of you would think this may work out... yeah. Sorry if this story is hard to understand.

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Yeah, if you compromise a bit. Also, look around at what gigs you can get paid for doing. You may like a certain music but another would get you gigs. Don't forget parties. You can play a full range of music there. Why not play a little of each? I found a niche in college, jazz. I always played rock until then. Now I love jazz and have a little jazz group that plays out every couple months.

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