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OT:Got a split lip on the weekend!


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ha, i went to a friend from shcools party on saturday night,


everyone was havin a good time, me especially cause one of my friends which i hadnt seen in ages was there.


anyway, around 4am this guy(who has recently broken up with a certain girl) started some {censored} by breaking a trampoline, then he through a full can of beer at this girls head, ran over and startred pushing her around.


this was behind me so i didnt know what was going on.


he tripped and fell, but as he was getting up I decided id seen enough, so i started laying in to him, three of my friend were also doing the same. he managed to get one punch in and split my lip and he also pushed me in the fire, so i have burns on my left foot, then i through him over a log.


he must have decided it wasnt worth it cause he gave up after that and left.


that has to be the single most disgusting thing i have ever seen in my life. what would posses someone to do that??



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Originally posted by Detox

I can't imagine why someone would do that, but I think you guys should have spit-roasted his ass.


Originally posted by bassman1956

Bwhaaha! Pig on a stick!





I don't know what you guys mean, but those things have a bit of a sexual meaning around here.


(see also "finger cuffs")




Then again, i don't know what kind of circles ToeJam hangs out in :p

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