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Cab Crisis !!!


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Here's the deal.. I have:

Trace-Elliot SM-250 w/GP7 Eq. head

output:250 watts rms and 2 speaker outs marked as 8 ohms each.


I have the option of getting one of the following... 1) Peavey 4x10TX cab w/ tweeter. 350w @ 8 ohms.

2)Galien Krueger 410RBS (no horn). 400w @ 8 ohms

3)SWR Triad (1x15,1x10,horn) 400w@4 ohms.


The price on each is the same, and shipping for each is the same, and since it's an order, there's no way to try them. I'm leaning towards the SWR, but I can't find any info on the Trace head. Anyone here know if this particular head can handle a single 4 ohm cab ? :confused: :confused: :confused:

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