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Fulltone Bassdrive Users: EBS Comparison


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Hi :)


Oh yea, topic..

I'm planning on getting a nice high-end OD pedal for my setup sometime soon, and I'm really very interested in both the Fulltone and the EBS MultiDrive. Now, I've heard nothing but rave reviews for the Fulltone, so that is what I'm obviously drawn to..but there isn't much bad out there about the EBS.

So I was wondering...evil2.gif


I know how unrealistic sound samples on the internet are, but I think they give you at least some idea of what the product is like. Can you check out the EBS clips and tell me if it's anything at all like the Fulltone? I'm really digging the tones they have on there, and I'm wondering how they compare.


EBS Clips:


Standard Sample A

Standard Sample B

Standard Sample C


Flat Sample A

Flat Sample B

Flat Sample C


Tube Sample A

Tube Sample B

Tube Sample C

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