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What's a Phenolic Tweeter mean


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Originally posted by Craigv

It's a semi-impressive bit of non-information.....it means the horn-shaped housing is made of cast phenolic resin....plastic to us regular folk. It has no real bearing on whether the driver is any good. Back when resins were new and cool, this sounded, well, new and cool.


So this in and of itself is not very impressive...


Hmmm. Here is what it says:


GS series speaker cabinets are the perfect companions to Aguilar amplifiers. All GS series cabinets feature cast-frame drivers, phenolic tweeters with integral phase plug, variable tweeter level control, Neutrik Speakon and quarter inch inputs, seven ply void-free Philippine mahogany construction, and interlocking corners. All these features add up to one formidable line of cabinets. From stadiums to coffeehouses, there
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