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can this be real...


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Originally posted by sunburstbasser

Strangely, your ebay link isn't responding in exactly the same manner as PrestiaRules.



sorry gents....i am finding these ebay links a bit of a bother over here on hcbf...ebassist seems to connect ok...

any other way i can communicate the info..


basically its an item with the title 1957 P bass pup by s-d...spb-1

which is what i bought a few years ago...


"Top quality Seymour Duncan 'Bass Lines' SPB-1 replacement pickup Vintage 1957 Fender Precision bass. Hand built in Santa Barbara, California.


I bought this item last week for a project that I am not now continuing with. It is unused and still in its box. No modification is needed to your bass to fit this pro-quality pickup. A wiring schematic diagram is included. Grab yourself a bargain."


etc...and in a s-d box



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