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If Rikshaw is right, and it's the 400 you're looking at, I can personally vouch for it.


$99 buy it now is a screaming deal, if it doesn't have any issues....

I've had one for years, and used it off and on as needed for rehearsals and gigs both....it's got issues with scratchy pots really badly right now, and it's interfering with the good sound...

The best I've ever heard it sound was on top of my Peavey 1810 in a club in Hayward, Ca. a couple of years ago.....perfect-sized room (about 150 capacity) packed to the walls, volume about 70%.....got unbelievable compliments on my sound that night, from people I've never seen before....


I believe the power is around 200 rms at 4 ohms, which is characteristically where I run it at....good, solid sound.

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