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Trip to the used CD store.


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I picked up


Motorhead: Overnight Sensation.

Someone here mentioned that their later albums were pretty good, so I took his word on it. It's definitely prime Motorhead doing what they do best. Lyric of the day: "You must be a guitar player / the way you keep stringing me around"


Duran Duran: Astronaut.

I'm of the camp that considers the wedding album to be perhaps their best. This album tops it. Lots of good solid melody and hardly a weak track. Even some Stingray slapping here and there. Well produced. When Hillary Duff does pop, it sucks, but when Duran Duran does it, it works. Go figger.


Jaco: Invitation

Prime Jaco. Kind of a 'greatist hits' or highlights. Great rendition of 'Amerika.' Jaco: 'nuff said.


Vonda Shepard: self titled.

I've only given it a quick listen. It's good and very 90's LA. Haven't spun it as much as I'd like because Astronaut has spent too much time in my CD player.

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