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Help ID this Ampeg cab...?


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Well I was in the pawn shop today and I saw this weird looking Ampeg cab. There as no labels on the back or anything. So I'm having a hard time IDing it.


It was pretty tall, like around 5 feet, and it had some wheels. I'm not sure how much speakers it had. It was either 4 or 6 10"-12" speakers. Wasn't that deep though -- maybe like a foot and half deep. And it was a closed back design. It was the regular black vinyl covering with a silver grill cloth like most classic Ampegs.


The weird thing about them was they had aluminum cones on the speakers. But they weren't recessed like the Hartke ones. They buldged out in a smooth dome.


So it looked kinda cool. I'll probably check it out again when I have some more free time.

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