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great weekend: sweet gig and a new bass


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I really felt like a rock star all weekend.


We had a two night gig at a Native American Casino in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this weekend. Good money, rooms and meals included. The band played well together on-stage and off.


On Saturday we all piled into my Jeep and drove back to a music store we past on the way to the gig. It was 50 miles away from the Casino but as far as we knew it was the closest music store around. It was a Mom and Pop kinda place but well stocked. I found a used Fender Mexican P bass that played like butter and was in terrific shape. It was a dark Maroon and was complete with chrome pick up covers. It looked and played so well I bought it. I probably paid 50 -75 bucks too much for it but I didn't really care.


I felt like a rock star just breezing into town and buying whatever I took a fancy to... Oh, and I asked the shop owner to please change the strings for me, which he did while I picked out a strap and a cable to match.


I played that Bass all the night and it was a bit weak on the upper range but all in all performed well.


I already have a

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