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You guys (and girls) are SO cool!


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Thanks, again for all the concern and for the action you guys have put forth to give aid to strangers that you have never met and probably will never meet. Boxes have started arriving as of today (Amy's "Clatter Relief Shipment" was the first to arrive) via UPS, USPS, and FedEx. The school has already carried two FULLY LOADED pickup trucks of supplies to the supply center, which happens to be the town's municipal center. There are clothes from newborn to XXXL, shoes, paper goods (from paper towels to diapers), pots and pans, flatware and dishes, etc., plus a few computers to apply for aid and to search other rescue centers for missing relatives and friends. No charge is made for any of these products. All are donated freely. As per an agreement with Amy, I picked up my Clatter tee shirt and made another $20 donation to the school's fund drive.


When Thunderbroom escorted his 18-wheeler to town on Sunday, we visited the temporary warehouse, the supply center, and two of the refugee centers. One is a city-owned and -run gym, with 50 people sleeping on the gym floor on cots, sleeping bags, etc. Not too uncomfortable, but absolutely no privacy. The fascinating part is that all fifty are related - cousins, uncles, moms and dads, etc. All one big, big family. Three of those kids attend the high school. We also visited the nearby state park, where some 300+ evacuees are in semi-permanent residence. Some are in family-style cabins, some are in their RV trailers and pop ups, some in tents, and some in the floor of a large "lodge" with very little privacy.


Let me add that all this is done (food, clothing, shelter, supplies, etc., for some 600+ refugees) without Red Cross aid. Since Morehouse Parish is not an "official" Red Cross site, we receive no aid from them. (Soup Nazi: "No Aid for you!") Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, there are several even-smaller towns doing the same for their new residents, without aid. The local civic and social clubs, including schools, and local churches have really stepped up to the plate for these people.


A woman called me yesterday and asked me to help her locate the _____ family. It seems that her husband (career miltary) and the _____ husband (career military) served together and were pretty good friends. She has a camp on the shores of a nearby lake that she wanted to open for the _____ family. A couple of phone calls, and, believe it or not, I found them. The two women had never met, but I can only imagine the feelings they share. BTW, the _____ husband is currently in Iraq, still in the military.


I could go on and on, as T-broom could probably tell you, but I hope you guys realize what an impact you are having on everyone else. Yesterday's local newspaper carried a photograph of T-broom and a photograph of some other slug :rolleyes: who shall remain nameless. The cover story was about two guys who had never met but communicated through a bass-related bulletin board, and the end result was an 18-wheeler plus a 14-ft trailer full of supplies, along with some promising prospects of more to come (that will be directed to places worse off than ours).


I have been contacted just today by another HCBFer about where to ship some more supplies.


You guys are too much. Thanks for caring. Thanks for caring enough to actually make a difference in some else's life.


Mike Estep



BTW: Jeff, one of the school kids told me how to copy that DVD, so it should be on it's way in a day or so. Your ears will never be the same.

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