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Way OT: Washing Vinyl Siding?


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Originally posted by bassplayer7770

Does anybody have any suggestions for cleaning vinyl siding? Is powerwashing a good idea?

I know this is an odd place to ask this question, but one of you peeps always seems to have an answer...


Have you tried a simple garden hose first? Less work and might work...

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I use a garden hose with a sprayer attachment for my vinyl siding...works pretty well at getting the dust off...


though if you do have some pretty crazy grime, maybe one of those hose attachments that you can put soap in that are made for washing cars might do the job...

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I used Simple Green and water this past year works well and bio safe. On mold i used a newer product called Chlorox cleanup in a handheld spray bottle, took that mold off like it wasn't there, didn't discolor or degrade the vinyl. I wet the area first though and brushed the cleaner in with an automotive wash brush then immediately rinsed.

Heres a Vinyl link http://www.vinylsiding.org/vsic/publications/clean.htm


SG link to uses, siding on pg.2


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I've power washed over 100 buildings.

(Professional Industrial Coatings for 15 years)

Used it to strip decks, fences, buildings, driveways, etc...

I've used an 11 hp 3K psi power washer on my vinyl siding.

All it does is rinse.

The variable distance between "Clean" and "Cut" can be a

little as 3 inches, even with a wide fan and lowered pressure.

If you're using a little weeny electric homeowner's power washer,

don't even bother. They can't even knock down a spider web.


There is a 'semi-sticky' coating that will not come out without

soap and scrub action.

Power washing may knock off the Green living stuff that

can be found in 'nooks and crannies' but doesn't kill it and thus

can return in less then 30 days.


I've power washed correctly and still had to go back and

bleach/scrub. A lot of dirt came washing down with the rinse

that power washing missed.


Do you wash your car with a hose and no soap?



Just MHO.




Can't believe I'm even bothering with this crap

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Originally posted by Subsonicbass

It's a paint pole.

100 in 1 uses.

The brush is off my garage sweeping broom head (soft).

(it's all standard treading)

Here's some more information

Same link i posted :(

I have a telescoping hose pole...hook your hose to the end, it would be a real neat gadget if it had a trigger of some sort to start and stop the water flow, the way it is you need 2 people one using the pole/brush and one opening and closing the spigot.

Or i guess buy a separate trigger handle?

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