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B-Bottoms FIHOTD Thread (Andre the Giant)


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Andre was amazing. What most people don't realize is that the Andre they saw on TV (once professional wrestling became widely televised) was only a shadow of the Andre that wrestled in the early/mid 70's. The bio B-Bottoms posted touches briefly on it, but it needs to be said that towards the end of Andre's career he could barely move. What we saw of Andre in the first few Wrestlemanias was a man in the twilight of his career - he was literally in agony during some of his matches.


When Andre was young he could move as fast as anybody else - he could do dropkicks and come off the top rope. If you can download an old video of him wrestling for one of the independents or the very early WWF (when it was still the WWWF) you'll see what I mean. He also looked a bit different. When Andre was around 20 years old he was actually a handsome fellow. He was almost seven feet tall then, but his condition had not progressed quite as far as it eventually did. Andre kept growing until the day he died due to his acromegly. When his body literally couldn't get any taller it kept growing out - that's why his joints were enlarged and why his forehead jutted out. You can see a lot of changes in his face and overall body shape if you look at a picture of him from the early 70's and then towards the end of his career in the late 80's.

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