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B-Bottoms FIHOTD thread (the Mary Celeste)


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Mary Celeste


The Mary Celeste was a ship found abandoned off the coast of Portugal in 1872. Why it had been abandoned remains unknown to this day.




The ship and its desertion

The Mary Celeste was a 103-foot, 282-ton brigantine. Originally built as the Amazon in Spencer's Island, Nova Scotia in 1861, the ship seemingly had bad luck and, due to numerous negative occurrences, had changed hands several times. It became the Mary Celeste in 1869.


On November 7, 1872, under the command of Captain Benjamin Briggs, the ship picked up a cargo of American alcohol (for fortifying wine) shipped by Meissner Ackermann & Coin in New York City and set sail for Genoa, Italy. In addition to the crew of seven, it carried two passengers: the Captain's wife, Sarah E. Briggs (n

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